Did Someone Say “Sale”

I consider myself a smart shopper. ๐Ÿ™‚ If I see a pair of shoes or a coat that I just fall in love with, but the price point isn’t what I want to pay, then I’ll wait. Maybe not so patiently, but I’ll wait. So now it becomes a game for me. Ha!

I”ll continue to go online and see if that item is on sale. Usually, within a few weeks there’s some kind of sale. This is what I love about Nordstrom. Currently some of their items are on sale and well, you just might want to jump on these deals before they get gone.

I’m rounding up some of my favorites.

Booties:ย Vince Camutoย |ย Rainboots:ย Sperryย | Over the Knee Boots:ย Vince Camuto

Purse:ย Kate Spadeย | Slippers:ย Uggsย | Ruffle Cardigan:ย Hingeย  |ย Leggins:ย Zella

Calf Hare Booties:ย Sam Edelmanย | Wool Coat:ย Kristen Blakeย | Earrings:ย Baublebar