Current Favorite Hair Products

Last weekend I did a little spring cleaning and WOW, how did I accumulate a graveyard of hair products. Can anyone else relate?

This treatment is a must. If I had to choose just one product I couldn’t live without it would be this one. By far the best product I have ever tried. It leaves your hair shiny, soft and manageable. Oh and smells amazing. Depending on your needs, you can use it as a conditioner, styler or finishing product.

I’ve been using the volume blast for a few months and it will definitely be a product repeat. If you have fine hair and want volume, this is the product for you. The fact that I can use this on dry hair makes me so happy. No crunchiness or stiffness. Delivers instant volume and texture.

The redken shine is a recent purchase that gives a high-gloss finish and leaves your hair feeling soft and silky.

I’ve been using this Hairspray for a few years. Enough said. :O

 I have been known to go 3 days without washing my hair using this product. It adds lift and body. No white reside here. Smells yummy.

 Another great product not only for volume but as a heat protectant.

Can you guys tell I like volume in my hair. Hehe.

What are some of your favorites?